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Not sure what parts should be changed at 100 hours? Check out our Yamaha Service Informationlink for Yamaha's maintenance schedules.

Our 100 Hour Maintenance Kits come with Yamalube outboard engine oil, oil filter, oil drain plug gasket, lower unit gear lube oil, lower unit vent and plug gaskets, the primary fuel filter on the engine, the gasket for the cup the filter sits in, and a disposable funnel. For those that have a fuel water separating filter installed on their boat, we carry
Yamaha and Racor , and since not everyone uses the same one, we do not include them in our kits. Fuel water separating filters should be replaced every 50 hours as well. Spark plugs, internal and external anodes, thermostats, water pump, pressure control valve, etc, should be checked every 100 hours and replaced as necessary. We do not include these parts in our 100 hour kits for that reason.