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How To Find The Right Parts

SIM Yamaha makes ordering parts quick and easy by providing two simple ways to find the parts you need: via motor model specific pages set up with just the common maintenance items, and via parts diagrams.  Take note of your motor model code and serial number (Primary ID).  Consider taking a picture of the identification tag on your motor to keep in your phone, or write it down somewhere, in case the identification sticker gets worn.  (While you are at it, write down the three digit number on your engine key.  You'll thank us for that tip later.) 

The model code and serial number are located on the port side of the motor, on or near the bracket.  There is also likely a manufacturing date tag on the starboard side of the engine just opposite of the ID tag.

The below model is a 2003 Z150TXRB with a serial number of 6G4-X-1005452. "B" Denotes model year.


Models manufactured in mid-2005 and later use a different model coding system.  Like this F300UCA with serial number 6CE-U-1023787.  Since Yamaha no longer model-years motors, there is no longer a letter in the model coding that indicates year.  You will need your serial number and manufacturing date.  The date ID tag is located on the opposite side of the engine.



What does my engine model code mean?

Yamaha uses the letters and numbers that make up your model code to denote specifications of the motor.  The charts below show model coding specifics for early 2005 and older motors and then mid-2005 and newer engine models.

Yamaha Model Coding Charts

Early 2005 and Older Engine Models (VX150TLRD) Mid-2005 and Newer Engine Models (F25LWHC)




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