Command Link® Round Two Gauge Kit 6Y8-0E83R-91-00
6Y8-0E83R-91-00 - Command Link® Round Two Gauge Kit

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Product Code: 6Y8-0E83R-91-00

Part # 6Y8-0E83R-91-00
Command Link® Round Two Gauge Kit
This kit does not include the parts for accessories like a Yamaha NMEA 2000 gateway to be added. But the Gateway can be done by installing these part to an existing or newly created NMEA 2000 network off your N2K display


Kit Includes:
1 Tachometer Assy. 6Y8-8350T-20-00
1 Wire, Lead Extension (14ft) 6Y8-82553-60-00
1 Dual Fuse Harness 6Y5-83553-N0-00
1 Pigtail Harness, 1 ft. 6Y8-82521-01-00
1 Pigtail Harness, 12 ft. 6Y8-82521-51-00
2 Single hub 6Y8-81920-11-00
1 User Operation Guide 6Y8-2819W-70-E0

Functions depend on what engine it is connected too. For all engines 150HP and above: RPMS, engine trim readings, oil pressure, water temperature, battery volts, engine codes, low oil pressure and high water temp warnings,engine maintenance reminder, variable trolling speed control(if engine is capable), water pressure(with optional sensor installed).
Engines below 150hp, all of the same functions as above minus oil pressure readings. These engines only have a oil pressure switch, not a oil pressure sending unit.

Fuel Management gauge and Speedometer functions: Fuel consumption(GPH or LTR), miles per gallon, speed, clock functions