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F115TJR (0405) 68V-1047408 TO 68V-1066826
F115TLR (0405) 68V-1047408 TO 68V-1066826
F115TXR (0405) 68V-1047408 TO 68V-1066826
LF115TXR (0405) 68W-1002054 TO 68W-1002954
F115TJR (0406) 68V-1066827 TO 68V-1082890
F115TLR (0406) 68V-1066827 TO 68V-1082890
F115TXR (0406) 68V-1066827 TO 68V-1082290
LF115TXR (0406) 68W-1002955 TO 68W-1003580
F115TJR (0407) 68V-1082891 & ABOVE
F115TLR (0407) 68V-1082891 & ABOVE
F115TXR (0407) 68V-1082891 & ABOVE
LF115TXR (0407)68W-1003581 & ABOVE
F115TJR (0408)
F115TLR (0408)
F115TXR (0408)
LF115TXR (0408)
F115TJR (0409)
F115TLR (0409)
F115TXR (0409)
LF115TXR (0409)
F115TLR (0410)
F115TJR (0410)
F115TXR (0410)
LF115TXR (0410)
F115TJR (0411)
F115TLR (0411)
F115TXR (0411)
LF115TXR (0411)
F115LA (0611)
F115JA (0611)
F115XA (0611)
LF115XA (0611)
F115LA (0112)
F115JA (0112)
F115XA (0112)
LF115XA (0112)

*Indicates manufacturing date.  For example, "(0408)" indicates that the motor would have a manufacturing date after April of 2008.  If you do not know the manufacturing date you can find this information on the same label as your motor model and serial number.

**Indicates a range of serial numbers that falls into this category.  Knowing your serial number (also known as your “Primary ID” is important in making sure you get the correct parts for your motor as parts may change from one model year to the next.  You can find your serial number on the sticker on your bracket following the engine’s model code.

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